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How TATA Capital leveraged on automated voice alerts to generate interest for upselling?

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Integrating phone calls into marketing is the key to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns that we do

Abhishek Shinde, Assistant Vice President , Tata Capital

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Tata Capital Limited is a financial and investment service provider in India. It is based in Mumbai and has more than 100 branches across the country. The company offers consumer loans, wealth management, commercial finance, and infrastructure finance, among others.

Tata Capital has been a customer of Waybeo since April 2013. Being one of the biggest among the BFSI heavy weights in the country, they have a huge customer base. They have multiple products in the Consumer and Commercial area such as personal Loans, business loans, home Loans, loan against property, working capital loans & term loans.

Integrating phone calls into marketing

Tata Capital using Waybeo platform for driving calls from their multi-channel marketing efforts varying from Online and Offline channels. Waybeo VNs are used in almost every campaign of Tata Capital which lands to their Centralized Call Center. This way they get to know how each source and channels are performing against their Marketing spend.

Call tracking channels

PRESS 1 CAMPAIGN (Interest Generation for Upselling)

Tata Capital generates leads from multiple sources. Lead qualification is one of the biggest challenges they face as the leads are huge. To make this process easier they use the Press 1 Campaign. These leads are uploaded to the Waybeo panel after DND scrubbing. After the scrub process, the final leads are updated and the campaign is started.

  • Campaign Name: Housing Loan Top-Up
  • Number of leads uploaded: 1,23,000
  • Max Number of attempts Dialed: 5
  • IMPACT: 50 Crore INR worth Interest generated.