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AI driven Insights for Ad-driven Phone Calls

AI driven Insights for Ad-driven Phone Calls
Call tracking channels

Call Tracking for Multiple Marketing Channels

Call tracking is simple. You'll get reports about which marketing channels and which campaign is generating the most number of calls just like the image you see here. Call tracking allows you to wisely allocate your budget in the channels and campaigns that matter the most.


Filter and Analyze Conversations for Insights

ConversationAnalytics records and accurately transcribes every call generated by your marketing. You can then filter conversations by marketing source, caller location, spoken words, and more and drill into any conversation to evaluate lead quality, call experience, and outcome.

Call attribution

Master the art of call attribution

Call attribution assigns a value to each marketing touchpoint that drives calls. We help you increase the value of each such touchpoint by using our state-of-the-art customisable reports. With our reports, you can see for yourself how touchpoints work for your business. Look at never-seen-before metrics, such as call duration and the number of unique calls.

Get All the Information From Your Calls



Social media, street hoarding, a customised landing page, Google ads, Yahoo search results or today’s newspaper? Find out which ad really prompted a customer to make a call to your business.



On a single screen, see everything you achieve from your call-driving campaigns. Customize these reports to your heart’s content - we have all the information but you have the choice to see what you want.



Transform calls into an event that is easily tracked by Google Analytics. Also, automatically enter caller and call details into your logging systems - be it CRM, LMS or Call Centre Database.

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