Speech Conversation is the new Big Data!

Analyze spoken conversation data using state of the art machine learning techniques.

Speech Conversation

Introducing Deepdhwani AI

DeepDhwani is Waybeo's proprietary AI based speech recognition & analytics engine which trascribes the audio to text and also analyze speech using acoustic, language & processing models built for specific enterprise usecases. A simple performance comparison Waybeo AI speech recognition model with Google Speech to text for Indian automobile industry is mentioned below.

Yes, our models are fine tuned for automobile industry, however the engine is capabale and can be fine tuned for other industries as well.

Deepdhwani AI

How Conversation Intelligence helps?


Uncover Spoken Data on Every Call

Get call recordings and transcriptions of every call to every location and uncover spoken data to a central database you can access for unique insights into your callers.


Gain Insights from Spoken Data

Have AI analyze each bit of spoken data to measure caller intent, lead quality, conversion outcome, location performance, and more at scale.


Perforam actions that Drive Revenue

Tap in the opportunity to profile & re-target customers like never before. Optimize your marketing spend & re-target the customer on different platforms with context driven messages/ads.

How to use coversation data?

coversation data
Profile your customers

Uncover spoken data & profile customer into different groups based on their needs.

Re-target customers

Re-target customers with context driven messages based on analysis of spoken conversation data.


Reach out and re-engage with customers on their prefeered communication platforms and help them buy your products/services at their convinience.

Unleash the potential of Conversation Analytics

Better Customer Engagement

Better Customer Engagement

Meaningful Conversation

Meaningful Conversation

Drive Revenue

Drive Revenue

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Waybeo's Conversation Analytics has helped us improve conversions on inbound phone enquiries by 25%.

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