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Automate to Track Sales Calls & Followup Calls

Sales Call Tracking

Sales people hate entering data manually to CRMs. Period.

Make Life Easier for Sales People


Web & Mobile App Plugin for CRM & LMS

Sales people can make calls and receive calls from any device or CRMs using APIs.


Sales Call Tracking & Recording

The entire calls dialed and received by sales people are tracked, recorded and saved for performance analysis and training


Automatic Call Logging in CRMs

Against each customer or lead information, all the call logs with recording and details are automatically logged

Tools designed to help Sales Team perform better

Click 2 Dial

Click 2 Dial helps your Sales rep to quickly inititate calls from the contact view. No need to manually dial customers anymore.

Mobile Contact Center

Let Sales reps make calls on the move. Sales reps can also receive nofifications on new leads and missed calls.

Automatic Activity Logging

All call gets automatically logged as activity. Attempts and succesful connects are marked separately.

Followup Notification

Never miss scheduled calls with a customer. Get alerts and notification prior to the scheduled call back time.

Message Icon
SMS for Non-Contacble Leads

Sending SMS to customer who don't pick up calls can be a good practice. It can help them recall the context of your call.

Speech Recognition using AI

Filter conversations by spoken words and drill down to evaluate lead quality, call experience, and outcome.

How Sales Call Tracking will be beneficial for your business?


Make meaningful

Information on previous interactions with the customer is important to make every conversation meaningful.


Take better

Sales call tracking helps uncover tons of data and patterns that are crucial for process improvement and decision making


Measure the

Get to know the numbers of attempts made by each Sales member before they give up and move on to next lead.


Manage your
Team Efficicently

Compare the performance of top performers with low performers and identify the scope of improvement for low performing team members.

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