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How Call Analytics helps Lodha Group convert more leads at a scalable budget?

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We were completely blind about call conversions - rather, we closed our eyes to the fact that we were indeed converting a lot over the phone. The insights brought to the table by Waybeo was an eye-opener. We are now in a position to convert more leads at a scalable budget.

Ankur Joshi, Dy. General Manager - Digital Marketing at Lodha Group

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Lodha one of the biggest names in Indian Real Estate with 37 ongoing projects use Waybeo Call analytics to understand the actual impact of Marketing to Sales. The team is very much data-driven and with Waybeo in place, they have every bit of detail they want when it comes to a phone conversation that converts to sales. Lodha Group has achieved net sales (in India) of over INR 8,100 crore in FY 17-18. Lodha Group has completed more than 11,000 high-quality homes and offices the same year. Our more than 3,500 associates, including over 2,000 technically trained people, work relentlessly to create developments of exceptional quality with a passion for delivering the finest homes, offices and retail.

The Challenge

Lodha spends hugely on Marketing activities and they are very keen on the data that flows into the system. They have implemented Salesforce inside the Organization to track every lead that comes in. The challenge was to map the sources and channels when it comes to phone conversations which were missing in huge.

Palava City by Lodha

The Solution

The bigger challenge was to understand the keywords that had resulted in a phone call which could help in optimizing the ad spend. Waybeo implemented Call Analytics throughout the projects to track and understand the keywords/sources/channels which generate maximum calls and leads for the Lodha Group. Along with these parameters, the other requirement was to capture 27 values which will help the Marketing team understand the impact of the campaign which was already available in the Landing pages.

The DNI scripts (Dynamic Number Insertion technology) implemented on the Landing pages made it much easier to capture these values when a call happens every time. Waybeo script captures the data and was stored. To make this data available CRM integration was done which creates a lead with the data when a call is originated and update the task at the end of the call.

Waybeo-Salesforce DNI scripts