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Hyperlocal Call Tracking Software for Healthcare Industry

Optimize Your Healthcare Services with Accurate Call Tracking

Raise the standard of your healthcare business by utilizing Advanced call tracking technology. Customize your communication strategies to cater to patient needs and make operations more efficient, ensuring every interaction enhances patient care and service effectiveness.
95% Patient Satisfaction

Significantly improve patient satisfaction by utilizing call tracking insights to surpass expectations in the healthcare industry.

50% Increase in Appointment Bookings

Experience a notable increase in appointment bookings by using targeted strategies that align with your patient demographic, enhancing accessibility and usage of services.

30% Reduction in Missed Appointments

Reduce the number of missed appointments and streamline your healthcare services with well-timed reminders and follow-ups, based on call tracking data.

85% Patient Retention Rate

Maintain a high patient retention rate by building solid patient relationships and offering customized healthcare experiences, supported by accurate call tracking insights. By utilizing the advantages of call tracking, healthcare services can improve patient marketing, simplify communication, and efficiently generate leads, thereby promoting success and expansion in the industry.

Improve Your Healthcare Marketing with Targeted Insights

Increase your patient communication with effective management and enhance your lead generation with focused call tracking. Pinpoint leads with high conversion potential and customize your outreach to transform prospects into valuable patients for your healthcare services.

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Increase in Lead Conversion Rates
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Growth in Repeat Appointments
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Reduction in Response Time

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Why Waybeo Stands Out as the Preferred Choice for the Healthcare Sector

Modern healthcare organizations are increasingly focused on actively attracting and retaining patients. Waybeo enables you to optimize your marketing budget and ensure every patient interaction is meaningful.
Lower Cost-Per-Acquisition

Identify which ads, media purchases, keywords, and campaigns are effective. Concentrate your efforts on the marketing avenues most likely to attract patients.

Boost Marketing ROI

Harness the power of timely and accurate data to refine your marketing investment in ads, campaigns, and keywords that lead to conversions.

Ensure PII Protection

(Personally Identifiable Information) Waybeo's secure call tracking and analytics solutions adhere to all HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations, ensuring that information is always safe, protected, and accessible only to authorized personnel.

Increase Appointment Rates

Utilize AI-powered technology to detect when patients express intent but do not follow through. Maintain engagement by automatically triggering reminders for patient follow-up.

Enhance Call Agent Performance

Equip your call center agents with essential information during and immediately after calls to help them concentrate on callers and address patients' needs promptly.

Gain Deeper Insights into Patients

Gather and analyze data on patient needs and preferences, allowing you to customize care offerings and communication to better resonate with patients.


Common Communication Challenges & How Waybeo Helps

Unclear Campaign Effectiveness

Limited visibility into marketing effectiveness? Guessing what marketing works? Waybeo helps! Track all calls, see which campaigns drive leads, and optimize your budget. Stop pouring money into black holes – get clear results and boost marketing effectiveness.

Inefficient Outbound Calling Processes

Ditch the dial pad! Manually calling wastes time and risks errors. Waybeo's click-to-dial automates outgoing calls from your CRM, boosting team efficiency and accuracy. This translates to more calls made, less time lost, and happier customers.

Lack of Customer Insights

Missed customer insights? Waybeo captures and analyzes call data, revealing valuable customer behavior, preferences, and needs. Use these actionable insights to tailor your marketing and sales strategies and better serve your customers.

Poor Choice of Integrations

Integrating call tracking with existing tools is a pain. Waybeo allows seamless connection with your CRM, MIS, EMS, and more. This means no more switching platforms, just enhanced efficiency, and productivity with call tracking directly in your familiar workflows.

Difficulty in Tracking Leads

Valuable calls, but difficulty in tracking? Waybeo helps! Assign unique virtual numbers to different marketing campaigns, track leads back to their source, and follow up quickly for better conversions. Ditch the struggle, track better, and convert more callers!

Lack of Mobile Accessibility

Stuck at your desk? Lacks mobile accessibility? Not anymore! Waybeo's mobile app empowers you to access call logs, reports, and insights – anytime, anywhere. Ditch the desk, boost productivity, stay connected and informed, and close more deals on the go.


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