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Never Miss a Lead. Close Deals Faster. All From Your Mobile

Increase Sales Efficiency and Customer Engagement with the best Hyperlocal Call Tracking Solution.

Access Complete Call Logs for Maximizing Sales Opportunities!

A missed lead can have significant repercussions on your business. It represents a lost opportunity to convert a potential customer into a sale or engagement, impacting your revenue, growth, and overall success.

With Waybeo’s Agent App, you can avoid missing out on valuable leads. By simply signing up with their registered phone number, agents gain access to complete call logs, allowing them to effortlessly retrieve contact details of potential customers and ensure no lead goes untouched.

The Ultimate Tool for Sales and Customer Success Teams

The Waybeo Agent App is an innovative solution revolutionizing the management of inbound and outbound calls. Enhanced with AI insights and intuitive call management capabilities, our app is designed to maximize lead potential and streamline sales processes.

Seamless Call Management

Effortlessly handle inbound and outbound calls, track detailed call logs, and manage missed calls within a single intuitive platform. With built-in CRM-like capabilities, save contacts, set reminders, and make notes.

AI-Powered Insights

Harness the power of AI to gain valuable insights from call conversations. Identify potential leads, analyze conversation quality, and highlight areas for service improvement for more targeted, effective customer interactions.

Outbound Call Made Easy

Initiate outbound calls directly from the app, with all calls recorded for accountability and ease, streamlining the process from receiving to making calls and offline accessibility.

Comprehensive Call Recording

Record all inbound and outbound calls for quality assurance and compliance purposes, improving communication skills and ensuring transparency and accountability in customer interactions.

Missed Call Management

Missed Call Management: Track, organize, and automatically assign missed calls to available agents, ensuring prompt follow-up and minimizing lead leakage using different call routing and forwarding methods.

Benefits You Can't Ignore

Increased Efficiency

Manage your calls on the go, saving valuable time and maximizing your productivity.

Improved Lead Conversion

Manage your calls on the go, saving valuable time and maximizing your productivity.

Enhanced Customer Service

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with efficient call routing and personalized interactions.

Data-Driven Decisions

Gain valuable insights from call data to improve your communication strategies and overall performance.

Optimizing Marketing ROI for Agencies & Partners

Flawless Connectivity

With more than 99% uptime, Waybeo's hyperlocal call-tracking services ensure that every call connects flawlessly, offering real-time insights that bridge the gap between you and your customers. It is ideal for agencies and partners of any size and capacity.

Integration Flexibility

Enjoy seamless integration with CRM systems, management information systems (MIS), external marketing systems (EMS), etc., and get seamless call tracking and telecommunication functionalities directly into your existing systems.

Automated Processes

Assign virtual numbers automatically as you add on more locations, save time and effort by getting simplified dealer-level invoices, streamline workflows by using seamless outbound calling through APIs, and optimize your telecommunication processes effortlessly.

Telecom Expertise

Waybeo partners with telecom giants like Bharti Airtel to provide agencies and partners with the best customizable solutions. Our hyperlocal call tracking services meet the latest industry standards and best practices, guaranteeing exceptional performance.

Download the Waybeo Agent App today and revolutionize the way you handle calls!

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