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A perfect dialer for lead qualification

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We generate leads through different channels like Google/FB etc, but contactability of leads is poor even after verifying leads using OTP.

Vishal Dwivedi, VP Marketing, YesBank

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Banking or rather BFSI is one such industry where lead generated volume is huge. We like to call them lead rich industry. But having leads is not enough if there’s no conversion happening. This seems to be a major challenge in the BFSI segment. The challenge has been to identify a perfect time to reach out to leads so as to improve contact ratio and hence conversion.


YESBANK has multiple campaigns across different product categories (savings account, current account, personal loan, credit cards) that generate leads on a regular basis through online paid and organic channels. Here’s the challenge. Most customers don’t answer phone calls, even after being OTP verified while filling form.

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You can’t just blame the people for not answering your calls, there could be several reasons to it.

  • Time of form fill Vs Time of call - As per study, lead contactability reduce if a lead is not serviced within first 30 minutes.
  • Customer Number not reachable due to call waiting/busy/no answer/network issues.
  • No of attempt tried before marking a lead as Not Contactable.
  • Telecom issues due to Point of Interconnect.
  • Number being displayed as spam by apps.

We thought the problem is relevant and we’ve heard it multiple times from other customer too. This time though, we thought of doing some experiments with our auto dialer TRINGPartner. Here’s what we did.

How we solved the problem?

Ensure there are no telecom issues due to POI
Ensure there are no telecom issues due to POI

Attempting to dial customer number using multiple operators simultaneously enhances the chances of connectivity and also improves the speed of connectivity.

AI based retry logic
AI based retry logic

AI understands the different parameters that are available with a lead and matches the lead params to call params and understands when to dial a lead, how many times to attempt a lead, what time of day to attempt a call and which operator route/Caller ID should be used, etc to ensure the best connectivity.

SMS to customer(s) who don’t answer calls
SMS to customer(s) who don’t answer calls

Sending SMS to customer(s) who don't pickup calls can be a good practise. It can help them recall the context of your attempt to reach them over phone.


Yes bank results

We managed to enable 82% contactability across their lead sources. Not just contactability, we also ensured 25% improvement in conversion. Going ahead we look forward to build TringPartner to a much more sophisticated dialer using AI techniques & WhatsApp integration to ensure better connectivity.