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How Call Analytics helps Rentokil improve Conversion & ROI from paid marketing?

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We always wanted to track our call conversion like the global marketing team but we couldn't find the right partner before. Implementing Waybeo at Rentokil PCI was one of the wisest decisions of our marketing department. It gave us clear visibility of the data to improve the conversion.

Anindita Chatterjee, Chief Marketing Officer, Rentokil PCI

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Rentokil PCI is the leading pest control service provider in India. Rentokil PCI aims to set new standards for customer service with operations across 300 locations in India. The JV brand also focuses on developing industry-leading service operations through the sharing of best practices, new innovations and the use of digital technologies.

RENTOKIL PCI had to scale their ability to drive and receive inbound phone traffic. When it comes to purchasing pest control service, customers usually need to make a phone call somewhere down the line. Aninditha Chatterjee, Chief Marketing Officer at Rentokil PCI, estimates over 90% of the inbound phone traffic is not tracked.

Rentokil PCI’s challenge was measuring performance across all marketing activities. When it comes to clicks and web forms, attributing the lead source is a cinch. Phone calls, however, can be a total blind spot.

Using technology to tie phone calls with marketing

Rentokil PCI started using Waybeo call analytics for driving calls from their multi-channel marketing efforts. Rentokil PCI’s website and landing pages are also automatically populated with unique numbers by using Waybeo’s Dynamic Number Insertion technology. This technology captures the user-session information so if they call, their online activity is tied to that call.

Rentokil PCI knows exactly what campaigns and keywords are prompting valuable calls.

Using technology to tie phone calls with marketing
Measuring Marketing Performance with Call Analytics

Measuring Marketing Performance with Call Analytics

Every time the phone rings, Rentokil PCI knows exactly what led the consumer to call. Waybeo analytics tie calls to:

  • Call Only Ads
  • Paid search keyword
  • Google My Business
  • Landing page(s)
  • Marketing partner or affiliate campaigns

Integrating Waybeo to Google Adwords

Using Google’s Offline Conversion API, Waybeo can now send call conversions in near real-time directly to AdWords.This makes inbound calls as visible, measurable and optimizable as online conversions.

Integrating Waybeo to Google Adwords

Passing Actual Caller Id of the Customer to Call Center

When a customer calls on Waybeo Virtual Number, the call hits to our server and from there the call gets forwarded to Rentokil PRI/DID. Being a forwarded call, as per TRAI norms, we will not be able to show the actual number of the customer. So we use a static caller id for all the calls.
Inorder to send Customer Caller Information rel-time to call center, Waybeo passes the caller's (customer) number as DTMF ( Dual Tone Multi-Frequency ) digits along with every call. This is captured at the call center and then displayed to the corresponding agent who answered the call.