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25% improvement in lead qualification through synchronous routing of incoming calls to the respective dealer.

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We were aware that smartphones were a high-performing, yet underutilized channel when it comes to Lead Generation.

Sarabjeet Matharu, Retail Innovation & Brand Marketing, Bridgestone India

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Bridgestone India Private Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, Japan. It has set a benchmark with unprecedented growth within two decades of its operations in India and has grown to become one of the biggest suppliers to almost all reputed OEMs in India with best in class quality products.

Bridgestone’s vast network of over 1,000 dealers across India constantly enables our efforts to increase penetration level and make quality tyres available to the remotest areas.

The Challenge

Bridgestone operates in all major markets across Pan India. Initially, most of their leads through web form submissions, since web forms are cheap and easy to implement. But after some extensive market research, Bridgestone found that phones were a consistently high-performing — yet underutilized — channel when it came to lead-generation. But call tracking over 1000 dealers across India remained a nightmare before implementing Waybeo.

The Solution

By adopting ​Waybeo​ as part of their tech stack, ​Bridgestone​ was able to see that a large number of their leads were picking up the phone to call before purchasing ​tyres​.

Assigning unique phone numbers to the dealerships will help the central team to track the leads in terms of phone calls and attribute call conversions from multiple locations back to corporate digital marketing spend.

  • Track department wise performance at branch level to push them to answer calls more proactively.
  • Ensure that a comprehensive log is maintained for all departments.
  • Recording of connected calls for quality assurance.
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